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“It’s once in a lifetime someone packs up a T-rex and delivers it to your front door” - Matthew Carrano, smithsonian ‘s National Museum of Natural History
How to move a T-Rex dinosaur across the US

We welcomed home the #NationsTrex today, after a very carefully packed cross-country journey. Now visitors will be able to see curators and staff carefully unpack, catalog, photograph and 3-D scan the 66-million-year-old fossil in the Rex Room before it is sent off for cleaning. 
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In the past few years we’ve seen more shows and movies featuring female fuckups, from Young Adult to Girls to Bachelorette. But usually, these women are embarrassed by their failure to get it together, and their insecurities spill over to poison their friendships and romantic relationships alike. By contrast, the women of Broad City exhibit very real imperfections without the self-loathing. This strikes me as a huge step forward. Abbi and Ilana don’t just reject the exacting standards most women feel they have to live up to, they still feel great about themselves. And their self-esteem is probably directly attributable to their unflinching support of each other and the pleasure they take in each other’s company.
The genius of Broad City - The Guardian
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"Benjamin Moser highlights his delight at realizing “that Sontag sent e-mails with the subject heading ‘Whassup?’”"
You’ve Got Mail: On the New Age of Biography
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The Grammar of Ornament
Turkish No. 3
"From the dome of the tomb of Soliman 1. Constantinople"
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The New Yorker!!
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Awesome people LOVE #beetles.
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The Deadly Mantis, 1957